Networking for no reason

The key to successful networking, is networking for no reason.

Pshhhh I have no idea what the key to successful networking is for real, but I can tell you if you wait to network til you need something then we are starting off behind the curve.

When you wait until you need something to start networking people feel like you are using them. We expect networking to have a component of “give back” to it. When you show up, people are looking to see if you want to be a part of the bigger picture, not if you just need to get your next job or next sale and move on.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t network if you’re to the point of needing something right now and you haven’t started, just go about it carefully. Find a way to volunteer with the group you’re trying to network into. Volunteering next to members shows that you have an interest in the organization or group and will help facilitate no pressure conversations. This will lead to people getting to know you and seeing your work ethic for themselves. As long as that goes well, they will start referring you when they hear that someone will be opening a job soon.

It sounds simple because it is simple. Don’t over think the process. Know that most people are nervous at first and most people don’t enjoy networking. Find a way to contribute to other people and volunteer organizations in 2019, you never know when you’ll need them.




Recruiting Revival

If there is one thing that my little soul needed it was a recruiting revival and praise sweet bearded Jesus he sent me Tim Sackett and Kris Dunn! We (NASHRM) had a full day of this recruiting duo and I promise I felt Huntsville turn on its side while these two were laying some truth down.

What did we cover? The important stuff- social recruiting, turning corporate recruiting to an in-house agency model, making your managers career agents and thinking like a sales person. You can get some heaping doses of their take on these things at their sites (tagged earlier in this post).

Why am I excited?  It is super refreshing to connect with people who know their shit stuff. It’s nice to know someone is going to challenge your excuses and it’s great to hear successful people say things like “you don’t have to go to all the meetings, tell them you’re busy recruiting”.  By the way, if you say that you should in fact spend that time recruiting.

Perfect timing? I think so. I’ve struggled immensely in my transition to the corporate world. You can watch for that post later this month when I hit my yeariversary. Corporate is full of things like policies, procedures and checklists. Not that they are not necessary, they just tend to take priority over the actual actions. I’m familiar with the things we can and cannot do legally, I know the alphabet soup we need to fear, but what I’m most interested in is getting to the right talent and connecting that talent to the right opportunity. I almost forgot it was possible to do that.recruitingworkshop

More to come over the next week or so on the breakdown of what I thought were key points, but today just a huge THANK YOU to these two guys for spending a day with us in Huntsville and reviving my little recruiting heart!

And then there is that small side bonus that it was 7 recert credits to start my next recert application!
And then there is that small side bonus that it was 7 recert credits to start my next recert application!


It ain’t easy being pretty…

Ridiculously Photogenic Guy
Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

So by now we have all seen some tidbits from the Iowa employee who was fired because she was too irresistible and I just had to dedicate a post to it, even though I’m a little behind. [I have been super busy with some projects I will be sharing towards the end of the month and interviewing for a new job so cut me some slack and read on] The best post I’ve seen about it so far was here: . I have a couple of thoughts that I want to throw out there for conversation…

-As an HR pro how would we handle this scenario? Employee A comes to you and says that Employee B’s clothes are making him uncomfortable. There is probably a dress code right? If someone else was wearing something offensive we would address that right? He expressed that he was uncomfortable and we are HR we won’t stand for a “hostile” work environment, eh? How would you handle that in your organization?

-Why are they texting each other to begin with? What kind of policy do we have in place to avoid this drama? I’ll say this affairs typically do not start as affairs, they start somewhere else, somewhere innocent… oh I don’t know… maybe they start with texting and a relationship that builds from there. (Make wiser choices married people). I know it’s not HR’s job to referee marriages this little paragraph is just one married person keeping it real with all you married people.

I think it’s a bit of misrepresentation of faith… They met with their pastor and then he decided to let her go… I’m all for “lead us not into temptation” but legally I don’t think this is fair. I won’t jump too much into this one because it isn’t the focus for me, but I just wonder how the conversation with pastor went? Maybe pastor should’ve said let’s start with not texting each other anymore.

Here’s the deal, I think this kind of stuff happens all of the time, both ways. For instance my last job moved me into a sales role. The talks leading up to moving me into a sales role were a lot like this: “You have the look for sales” “You have a face for sales”… I was young and cute and those were the qualifications I had for sales… because I had ZERO sales experience outside of girl scout cookies. These talks made me pretty uncomfortable, but I finally agreed to give it a shot. (If you’re wondering, yes I turned out to be good at sales, but I don’t think it was because of how I look). I’ve also had clients, mostly of the manufacturing sort, request unattractive females for clerical assignments-as not to distract the men from the work they had to do. So when is it okay to hire on looks? Or fire based on looks? NFL cheerleaders? Servers at a restaurant? Receptionist? Futhermore, why are we all on her side when this hit the news? What responsibility does she hold in this, if any?

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