I’m ready for #SHRM16


Are you?

I am ready to get to DC and see some of my friends and get some running done in my favorite place in just a couple of days! So here’s all the things I’m doing in the 11th hour to get ready:

  • Download #SHRM16 app
  • Add sessions to app
  • Add back up sessions to app (in case my desired session is full)
  • Download presentations for the sessions I’ve chose
  • Checking to see which friends I know will be there (search the #SHRM16 hashtag on twitter)
  • Finding HR pros on Snapchat and Instagram to connect with before getting to DC (seriously, I love snapchat- add me: kminny32)
  • Checking my sessions one more time
  • Double checking my hotel reservations (just in case)
  • Checking to see if the keynotes have a book I want to buy (I have to mentally prepare myself for the line at the SHRM store)
  • Making sure I have shoes (besides my running shoes) in my suitcase so TK doesn’t have to save the day two years in a row!
  • Packing my portable phone charger battery pack thingamajig

What did I forget? I’m sure I forgot something…

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The HR selfie…

This year was a fun year. Christmas on Wednesday, eh? It has thrown everyone’s work calendar off and people aren’t sure what to schedule or what days to be at work at what days to not be at work; it really lightens up the work load for those of us in the office, right? I’ve found myself scrolling through LinkedIn to see what’s up with the people I don’t keep in touch with enough. I’m a recruiter so I should be on LinkedIn all the time, right? Well I’m not and I was a little surprised by what I found… the HR selfie… Wooo, isn’t LinkedIn our professional place to network? Yowza.

You look stupid… here are some examples to prove that you look stupid:

We all know this is what 1st take selfies look like and it took you 27 tries to get a great one.

We all know this is what 1st take selfies look like and it took you 27 tries to get a great one.


Truth be told I love a good selfie. Selfie’s are good for the soul aren’t they? They really allow us to admire ourselves, prove we once had a good hair day and show off our “no make-up face”.

"NOMAKEUP"... umm no, no one EVER believes that by the way.

“NOMAKEUP”… umm no, no one EVER believes that by the way.

They belong on instagram, they do not belong as your profile pic on LinkedIn. No matter how good you think you are into tricking us that someone else took that picture, we all know otherwise. We’ve all taken a selfie and attempted to master the “you-can’t-see-my-arm-in-this-one-so-someone-else-must’ve-taken-it” pose. Give the camera to someone else next time you’re having a good hair day and tell them that you need a new profile picture for your LinkedIn account!!!!

I know this has not just taken the HR profession by it’s claws, it’s also seeped into other professions, but I’m specifically interested in my HR brethren. I see your selfie and I think you must have a reputation that rivals Delores Bromstead (HR on NCIS). Employees say they’ve never seen her smile and avoid her at all cost. Is that why no one else will take your picture?

Yes you look pretty in your selfie, but you need a profile pic okay. I can’t take you seriously if your profile picture is you making a stank face or sitting in a car with your seatbelt on clearly practicing unsafe driving. Yeah, I can tell you’re in the driver’s seat.