3 ways Technology has made me a better HR Pro

If you thought this was a blog post about the many HRIS options out there you can just close this page now. For those of you that want to know what I’m talking about that’s not an HRIS here it is:

  1. Google. Y’all…. I can google anything! It’s so nice to be a Millennial in HR and know that I’ve always had google. Legal question? google. What’s the local unemployment rate? google. Local event that has content relevant to my career path? google. Webinars for an issue I’m trying to solve? google. Seriously… google is my number one. So much so that I probably owe it a Christmas gift.
  2. Social media. This one isn’t just because I love a good buzzfeed list of all the strangest interview questions or a “Whine about it Wednesday video” (those don’t even happen anymore). Social media makes the list because it helps me stay connected to a ton of HR pros that are smarter than I am and can answer some of my questions because they are experts and they are my friends. Staying in touch with people year round is so much easier with social media. Mentors via social media? YES PLEASE!
  3. Just kidding, those are the only two reasons I wanted to share.


Married to HR

It’s Valentine’s Day and North Alabama is recovering from our own little snowpocalypse that allowed me to spend two and a half days with my sweetie that I normally wouldn’t have 🙂 It was wonderful, we played in the snow, I pelted him repeatedly with snowballs, drank lots of coffee and watched a couple of movies together. trees

The timing was perfect considering I’m about to be on the road for a couple of weeks for college recruiting (I know it’s cheesy, but we don’t like to be apart for a long time). I’ve been thinking about all the functions I drag my other half to that are HR related and what it must be like to be married to HR (I love it when a movie says the title in the story, don’t you?). So here is what I’ve come up with:

  • You hear  letters like PPACA, FMLA, OFCCP, EEOC, etc… a lot.
  • You have probably attended more HR themed social events with your spouse than non-HR themed social events.
  • You know more about the employees at your spouses company than you ever wanted to, but don’t know  which story attaches to which employee.
  • You can’t bring a work problem  home to just vent about, we are HR, we have a solution (and probably the right solution at that!)
  • You don’t understand the excitement we HR people feel when we see a meeting that our board organized has 161 people registered.
  • You probably roll your eyes and leave the room when your spouse gets on the phone with another HR buddy squealing about a new article/blog post that could take their HR team to the next level.
  • You probably also roll your eyes and leave the room when your spouse gets on the phone with another HR buddy to listen to what their current employee issue is.
  • You have more insight than you wanted about the interworking of HR in your own company and now you cannot even make eye contact with your HR department because you think they are all weirdos too.
  • You bring your benefit paperwork home to your spouse during open enrollment, just in case.
  • You know what the top ten HRIS systems are.
  • You know what SHRM stands for.
  • You pray that your spouse gets enough credits to recertify their PHR/SPHR because you don’t want to see that side of them that you saw when they had to study for it the first time.
  • You know how many recert credits your spouse needs.

These are just a few of the crazy things that being Married to HR entails, but all this to say for those of you married to HR (specifically the guy married to me) THANK YOU! We would not be the rocking HR pros we are without you! Thank you for overlooking our nerdiness and accepting us and all of our interpretations of the workplace with a smile on your face! Thank you for coming to SHRM functions and mingling with other HR folks and their spouses. Thank you for investing in our careers. Thank you for being you! We love you!