What can I do for #GivingTuesday?

Giving Tuesday is here friends! Giving Tuesday happens the Tuesday after U.S. Thanksgiving (and ya know, Black Friday & Cyber Monday), it’s an international day of charitable giving.

Who am I giving to on this #GivingTuesday? I’m so glad you asked! The answer is CodeCrew! CodeCrew mentors underrepresented youth to be tech innovators and leaders through practical, hands-on computer science education programs throughout Memphis. Learn everything there is to know about CodeCrew here and follow them on Facebook.

Giving Tuesday CodeCrew

As a Technical Recruiter an organization like CodeCrew is clearly of interest to me & this place is even more special to me because it’s in Memphis. Not that I’m from Memphis, but I’m from close to Memphis and spent a lot of time there when I was growing up. I also had the opportunity to spend a day with some of the CodeCrew team earlier this year and I cannot say enough good things about them.

I constantly find myself in the middle of conversations with other recruiters and hiring managers about supposed “skill gaps” and I always ask the same thing to people discussing this challenge: “What are you doing to train future talent?” Basically, lets find a way to solve the problem. If you think the talent pool is lacking something, invest in it. Find ways to get the talent pool interested in what your organization does early on and support it.

If you or your organization is struggling with a “skills gap” then I want to challenge you to give to CodeCrew (or find a similar type organization to support) TODAY. You don’t have to be in Memphis to benefit from supporting CodeCrew, future tech leaders are going to come from everywhere so please don’t let that stop you. CodeCrew’s programs are having a huge impact on our future talent and you have an opportunity to be a part of that by supporting them through a donation that can make Computer Science education available to more students and schools.

You can donate directly to CodeCrew here! Now go to tell your friends about #GivingTuesday and CodeCrew.

#GivingTuesday-No Kid Hungry

As we get ready today to dig in to turkey, ham, potatoes of all kinds, casseroles and cranberry sauce it is easy to forget that there are kids going hungry. Thankfully we can all do something about that! The online world is gearing up for the #GivingTuesday give-a-thon for #TeamNKH and you can help!

$1 connects a child to up to 10 meals. $10 = 100 meals, $25 = 250 meals. You get the picture. If we reach our goal of $25,000, we’ll provide hungry children with access to 250,000 additional meals. Also, for every dollar raised, up to the $25,000 goal, Tyson Foods will match, dollar for dollar!

Yep, Tyson Foods will match dollar for dollar the donations collected up to $25,000! That could be a $50,000 difference in one day! 500,000 meals! I can’t think of a single reason to not get involved.

What can you do? Be a part of Team No Kid Hungry. Donate and recruit others to donate! Use your twitter and Facebook communities to get people involved #GivingTuesday this Tuesday December 3rd

Tuesday I’ll be online tweeting and reminding my networks to be a part of #GivingTuesday and I hope you will join me!

Use this link to join and donate: http://join.nokidhungry.org/site/TR/Events/DD_Pers_Fund_13?pg=team&fr_id=1300&team_id=139802

No Kid Hungry

No Kid Hungry