Apologizing for all the wrong reasons

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for being in your way.

I’m sorry for needing that resource.

I’m sorry for asking for more money.

I’m sorry for asking for time off.

I’m sorry I distracted you.

I’m not one to apologize. It hurts my bones to apologize (Did I tell yall I’m an 8? If you know, you know). I hate apologizing so much that its a motivator to consistently do what I believe to be the right thing, but for some reason I will apologize for the dumbest things. I’ll say “oh I’m sorry,” just for taking up space. I’ll apologize for not doing someone else’s work to the quality that they may have expected (notice I’m saying someone else’s work, as in work on top of my work). I’ll apologize for needing the copier when someone else needs it. Who am I?

What I do know is that as I repeat these useless apologies, I’m giving other people the opportunity to discredit me. I’m no psychologist, but what I mean is if I keep apologizing for insignificant things on a regular basis will I become the “I’m sorry girl.” Why is Kristina always apologizing? Why is Kristina always in the way? Why is Kristina not doing a good enough job?


Listen, you should apologize for being a jerk, you should not apologize for taking up a space that is yours. When you go to work, own it don’t apologize for it.

While we are at it, let’s talk about some other things to say/not say at work:


You interrupted me. (I’m not done talking).

That’s not funny. If something isn’t funny and/or its out of line, say so.

That’s not appropriate. See above.

I already know that. (take that mansplainers).

Because I said mansplainers I’ll inevitably have to say this: This isn’t a post about men, this is a post about your presence at work. This is a post about interacting with all co-workers and some slight changes we can make in 2019 to make our presence be just that, more of a presence. In 2019 claim your space boldly.

What a ride!!! #ALSHRM15

WOW! Wow, wow, wow! I just got back from the Alabama 2 day State SHRM Conference and I had such a GREAT time! First, the conference team had a great theme: “Roller Coaster of Love, the UPS and DOWNS of HR”alshrmconferencecorrectphoto

Second. They had great speakers: http://bit.ly/1EZ4DLO This group was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I heard at least a bit of everyone’s presentation and everyone did fabulous! I was so impressed with this line up of speakers.

Third. 10.25 recert credits! They even had some strategic AND global recert credits!

Day 1 was a shorter day and it had three great general sessions! Broc Edwards closed it out with a killer challenge to a room of 300 or so HR professionals to be BOLD! During day 2 (now up to over 500 attendees) of the conference the halls were buzzing with excitement. So many people were pumped and ready to accept the challenge of being bold. All day long during day 2 professionals were bouncing from great session to great session with enthusiasm and excitement that we all wish we could have every single day on the job. What I loved the most was overhearing all of the positive comments from attendees. It was refreshing! It felt like we were all in this together and that we could all make a difference together.

Yeah, yeah I'm kind of cheesy...

Yeah, yeah I’m kind of cheesy…


In just about every session we were challenged to stop being just HR and start being bold and passionate and reasonable! Stop being the department of no, do risk assessment and present your team with options, help the business reach their goals, etc. etc. What’s the best thing I learned? Probably that we are business professionals who happen to work in HR. Let that sink in for a bit! Here’s some of what you missed:

Okay, seriously, I know that was a lot of tweets, but its only a sample! Go search the hashtag #alshrm15 for more and to find some GREAT HR PROFESSIONALS to follow! What do you think about these takeaway tweets?

Go ahead and mark your calendar for #ALSHRM16 because I hear its going to be even better!! SAVE THE DATEA huge thanks to our conference co-chairs Melissa DeVore & Bobbi Wilson and their committees for pulling off such a great 2 day conference, allowing us HR pros to connect with each other, learn from each other, and recharge! Best State conference I’ve been to in years and I cannot wait to do it again next year!