That time I lied to the whole world

I am SO sorry! I owe the internets an apology… I lied to you!! I told the whole world that registration for #ALSHRM16 closed on May 3rd and it DID NOT!!! Registration is set to close May 11th-I promise I’m telling the truth this time! So far over 400 HR professionals have registered for this conference. All with the anticipation of great content and lots of re-certification credits.

im sorry the force was weak with me

I also have another confession. Tim Sackett won’t be there after all. Not because he was kicked off the schedule (I know some of you were thinking that), but for legit reasons beyond everyone’s control. While we will miss Tim greatly-he is our favorite recruiter after all, we are SUPER pumped that Laurie Ruettimann will be taking his place!


So to recap, this conference is going to be killer. You’re going to walk away with 10.25 re-cert credits for both of your HR certifications, meet some awesome HR pros from across the state, hear from some of the industry’s best speakers, and upgrade your super hero powers. The evening of day one there will be time to network so we can all get together and plan something fun to do in Birmingham while we are there and there’s going to be some pretty sweet giveaways at the end of the conference. If you haven’t registered yet, now is your chance! Be sure to tell all of your friends too!


See you in Birmingham on May 17th!!!!

The most bang for your conference buck!

I’m so thrilled to tell yall I’ll be at #ALSHRM16 this year!!!! <– all of those exclamation points should seal the deal. Why am I so excited? I’m so glad you asked!


The Alabama SHRM State Conference was the first conference I ever attended. I was mesmerized by this huge group of professionals who worked in the same field I did. I didn’t know there were so many of us nor did I know there was a place close to me where we could all get together. I had the best time at the state conferences, but a few years ago I willingly gave them up. I was losing interest in the agendas and none of the keynotes caught my eye. The food and venue were becoming boring. The takeaways no longer relevant to where I was in my career etc., etc.. Until last year.


Melissa and Bobbi, conference co-chairs

Last year a couple of HR professionals I know were conference co-chairs and I listened for months as they excitedly shared the agenda information, upgraded venue, fun events, great giveaways, time left for networking, etc. etc. I thought to myself, good for them! Somehow I landed a spot to speak on day one of the conference and decided to volunteer on day two of the conference so I could stick around and see what was happening. Y’all… this conference blew me away! The signage was so professional, the volunteers on their game, the keynotes knocking it out of the park. Bobbi and Melissa (conference co-chairs) really shook things up.


Awesome and engaging volunteers

Guess what? They are at it again! They have an AMAZING line-up of speakers and topics to fit a variety of career level needs. In true HR fashion, day one will kick off with a much NEEDED legal update, followed by Marlin Smith presenting “Black Guy in the C-Suite,” and closing out with (what I know will be entertaining) “Generation Them,” from Kristin Scroggins. Tuesday night is also a great time to kick back with some of your new favorite HR Pros and have a good time.


Wednesdays agenda takes it to the next level with opening keynote from Chuck Blakeman, lunch keynote from our dear friend Tim Sackett, and a closing keynote on HR improv! The concurrent sessions offer topics from background checks to strategic leadership.Some of the best vendors in the HR sphere will be there to meet with us in between these awesome sessions.

The ALSHRM group has done a wonderful job of putting together a conference that can meet the needs of many of our HR friends while bringing us a diverse group of speakers to challenge our thought process and encourage us to be the HR Super Hero we are all capable of being. I’m also excited that the conference provides 10.25 hours of recert credits for both of my HR certifications. Did I mention the conference is only $325 & it’s in a fun and growing area in Birmingham? Come check it out, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

What a ride!!! #ALSHRM15

WOW! Wow, wow, wow! I just got back from the Alabama 2 day State SHRM Conference and I had such a GREAT time! First, the conference team had a great theme: “Roller Coaster of Love, the UPS and DOWNS of HR”alshrmconferencecorrectphoto

Second. They had great speakers: This group was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I heard at least a bit of everyone’s presentation and everyone did fabulous! I was so impressed with this line up of speakers.

Third. 10.25 recert credits! They even had some strategic AND global recert credits!

Day 1 was a shorter day and it had three great general sessions! Broc Edwards closed it out with a killer challenge to a room of 300 or so HR professionals to be BOLD! During day 2 (now up to over 500 attendees) of the conference the halls were buzzing with excitement. So many people were pumped and ready to accept the challenge of being bold. All day long during day 2 professionals were bouncing from great session to great session with enthusiasm and excitement that we all wish we could have every single day on the job. What I loved the most was overhearing all of the positive comments from attendees. It was refreshing! It felt like we were all in this together and that we could all make a difference together.

Yeah, yeah I'm kind of cheesy...

Yeah, yeah I’m kind of cheesy…


In just about every session we were challenged to stop being just HR and start being bold and passionate and reasonable! Stop being the department of no, do risk assessment and present your team with options, help the business reach their goals, etc. etc. What’s the best thing I learned? Probably that we are business professionals who happen to work in HR. Let that sink in for a bit! Here’s some of what you missed:

Okay, seriously, I know that was a lot of tweets, but its only a sample! Go search the hashtag #alshrm15 for more and to find some GREAT HR PROFESSIONALS to follow! What do you think about these takeaway tweets?

Go ahead and mark your calendar for #ALSHRM16 because I hear its going to be even better!! SAVE THE DATEA huge thanks to our conference co-chairs Melissa DeVore & Bobbi Wilson and their committees for pulling off such a great 2 day conference, allowing us HR pros to connect with each other, learn from each other, and recharge! Best State conference I’ve been to in years and I cannot wait to do it again next year!

2014 Fall Hill Visit

I’ve been away from the blog so long that my own page didn’t even recognize me.  It’s been a while, eh? I’ve been staying on top of homework and work and all my NASHRM/ALSHRM activities and leaving little time for the bloggymcblogblog here, however it is time for a legislative update for the world of HR. To be 100% clear, this post is not a direct reflection of SHRMs stance on any legislation. This is a summary of a trip that I was recently a part of and it is peppered with sarcasm and opinions from the group I was with.

On September 11th, 2014 ALSHRM Legislative Directors assembled to storm the Hill on topics that SHRM has highlighted as relevant to our profession.  I’ve told y’all before this trip is awesome. Seeing your Representatives in DC is vastly different from seeing them in your hometown turf. DC just feels powerful, ya know? It is also a lot of fun for a misplaced city girl such as myself, but I digress. So what did SHRM deem important for this trip? Hang on to your seats folks, because for the first time in about five or six trips it was NOT E-Verify! Color this girl happy, because if I had to argue some ridiculous points about I-9 vs. E-Verify, etc. one more time my eyes were going to pop out of my head and roll across Capitol Hill.  Okay, I’ve drawn this out long enough, we mostly chatted with our Congressmen/women and Senators about FLSA.

1st point: Obama’s EO for Federal Contractors with labor violations. This sounds like a silly topic because the EO has already been signed, but the actual regulations and guidance have not yet been finalized. This is a perfect example of why we, ALSHRM, take our Legislative Directors from local chapters across the state to meet with our Representatives on the Hill-to take an opportunity and voice our concerns of the impact of potential decisions. How can they (our Representatives) possibly know what will and will not have a positive impact on our organizations if we do not take the time to tell them?  (Kind of, sort of something like you cannot always know what your employees want in your organization if they don’t tell you?) The most valuable time we (HR) have is between now and when they finalize regulations and guidance for this EO (so speak up if you haven’t already). The other end of this same issue is Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) has offered an amendment to multiple House Appropriations bills that would debar federal contractors for one FLSA violation in the past five years. One violation? No contract for five years. Here in Huntsville, AL we happen to have a LOT of contractors, that only do contract work. It could drastically change our local economy and our global presence. Not to mention the fact that the last time I looked at the FLSA my eyes went sideways and I started foaming at the mouth. That was a terrible exaggeration, but I’m just trying to get your attention. Oh and remember it was created in 1938? Yes, it’s been amended, but it’s a mostly dated document that reads in such a manner that even the DOL has had a FLSA violation (or so I hear). Back to Ellison, the funny thing about his tactics is that our group discovered he had snuck some of these appropriations in on voice votes when basically no one was around to object (the one I can remember is the energy bill it was successfully attached to). This is the kind of shady business that should not be going on, but it happens. Where is their HR department? just kidding…

Point 2: We took the time to voice concerns about the impact of raising the pay for exempt employees. Not in the manner of the number should not be raised, but what it could look like for organizations and employees if it were raised too high. One can suspect that there is an effort of wage inflation behind this task order, but only time will tell. As an HR person I think we should pay our people fairly, even our HR people, but I think that lawmakers are overlooking an important piece to this puzzle: bottom-line. Companies will not automatically increase exempt level employees pay scale so that they can stay classified as an exempt employee. Especially if they do not have the money to do so. Some companies will have to take exempt level employees and re-classify them as non-exempt. This step will, in most cases, take away that employees flexibility. We will simply be paying employees for hours worked and not necessarily the work they do. So if I go in to work around 1pm today because it is my daughter’s birthday and I wanted to have lunch at school with her, but I’m now non-exempt instead of exempt, I may not have the opportunity to make up the hours I missed before the end of the pay period. This is a sticky situation because it depends on your industry and how you treat your employees and all kinds of other factors. I think, at the risk of sounding overly conservative, the free market kind of works, right? Companies that take care of their employees (pay them well, good benefits, non-hostile work environment, etc.) attract a lot of candidates while companies who do not offer such luxuries do not attract as many candidates.

All of this to say,  no matter what your opinion is if you do not speak up, no one will know. The wonderful thing about us going as a group representing each district from the state is the power in numbers. We do not represent one organizations interest, we represent the integrity of the Human Resources profession collectively and come from a variety of businesses. I also want to remind you that  it is important to meet with your Representatives in your home district, but meeting with them in DC is well worth it too.  You can keep up with all of this information yourself if you’d like (I strongly encourage you do so):

Questions? Negative opinions? I’d be happy to entertain them, hit me in the comments below!

Here is a picture of our group with Congressman Mo Brooks. Enjoy!

Here is a picture of our group with Congressman Mo Brooks. Enjoy!