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I've spoken to a diverse group of companies, conferences, and individuals on topics ranging from sexual harassment to fair compensation and leadership development.

Speaking topics include:

Recruiting 101

Recruiting 101 is a session that walks professionals through the basics of Recruiting. This is a crash course in recruiting basics to help your group articulate the process, identify their internal and external resources, and lay the foundation for an effective recruiting strategy.

Recruiting 201

Recruiting 201 takes everything your group learns in 101 and applies it to sourcing actions and recruitment marketing.

Building the Right Team

Building the Right Team is all about recruiting strategy and how you can best implement that strategy with your current hiring managers and leadership team. We work together to weave in leadership and hiring manager concerns and interests to maximize their participation in the selection and development process. This presentation helps you build an effective approach to identifying gaps in your existing talent with the appropriate leaders in your organization and build your strategy around specific company or industry needs to make your team more competitive. This presentation is one that will touch on Recruiting and HR working together for long term hiring success.

Should HR Get Out of the Recruiting Business

In this presentation we walk through ways HR gets in the way of Recruiting and how HR and Recruiting can work better together for maximized organizational business success.

Bridging the Gap between HR & Security

This session was born out of a need for HR and Security to work together in the process of terminations and work place safety. Often times one department can feel like the other department is putting up too much red tape during processes or saying no for the sake of saying no, but when we step back and shift our eyes to the goals of both organizations, we find common ground. This presentation walks the crowd through building effective workplace safety policies together and creating a safe environment for employees and stakeholders. This presentation can be done for HR and any business support group such as Marketing, Finance, etc.

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Why’d you wear that?

October 22, 2019

I recently had a chance to catch up with some of my favorite local HR friends and let me just go on record now, that doesn’t happen enough! After catching up on other areas of life we did the usual: swapped weird stories, dissected everything around the one employee we can’t seem to make happy, […]Read More

Before sexual harassment makes it to the workplace

July 30, 2019

Before we experienced sexual harassment at work, we experienced it somewhere else.

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What do your employees even do?

July 19, 2019

My inbox and timeline are consistently filled with employee engagement tips. Every day I get something from a vendor or two trying to pitch an HR Tech tool to solve employee engagement or a white paper on effective employee engagement strategy. No matter how well written or how well thought out these tools are, they […]Read More

Would your employees hire you?

March 19, 2019

I enjoy a good conference, and I especially enjoy a good speaker who is reinforcing things I agree with in a room full of thousands of people. I realize that means I’m participating in a self-serving conference experience and not necessarily something that pushes me out of my comfort zone and grows me professionally, but […]Read More

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