Hanging with the housewives again

On Black Friday or Cyber Monday Hulu was running a special where you could sign up for 99 cents a month for 12 months and the Minyards couldn’t resist that deal. That means, the real housewives are back in my home!!! I love them, Minyard hates them, oh well.

In honor of my attempt at catching up with the RHOBH crew (because I see that the next season is going to be fantastic) here’s a link to a throwback post of mine: Everything I need to know I learned from the housewives.

As I re-read the post today I realized a couple of things. 1) my writing has been of a consistent quality (compare that post to the last three posts here, still same old grammar mistakes and almost humorous snark). 2) I really missed having access to the real housewives franchise for the last several years.

If I could add a lesson to the original post it would probably be “shut your mouth” courtesy of Dorit. That woman never stops talking long enough to be a good friend. To survive life I really believe you must have some good friends and to have good friends, you have to be a good friend. She just can’t help herself I guess.

Anyway, I still have half a season to go before I’m caught up so I need to run along and get back to binge watching.

taking notes

Author: Kristina H. Minyard, SHRM-CP, PHR

My goal is to challenge the way we view, measure, and utilize HR and recruiting in a positive and encouraging way. I love working in HR and value the network of HR professionals that I also call friends. I'm always learning from my fellow HR pros and find comfort in their expertise. I'm an active member of my local SHRM chapter (NASHRM) and a total HR enthusiast! My HR related knowledge is a mix of recruiting, retaining, engaging and just plain helping people discover their passion. I'm a follower of Christ, Wife, Mom, Corporate Recruiter, Blogger, problem solver, runner, Sports FANATIC & Razorback surviving amongst the [crimson] tide! You can find me on twitter & Instagram: @HRecruit Snapchat: kminny32 Google+: https://plus.google.com/+KristinaMinyard LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/kristinahutto/ Thoughts here (and on all my social media channels) are mine and do not represent the thoughts/beliefs of my employer. Why would I name my blog HR Pockets? Read about it in my first post years ago!!

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