Just a janitor

I was at an event recently at a company where several people were invited to just hang out and share a meal together. People intrigue me so I prefer to watch the room unfold at events. I overheard a lot of friendly chit-chat, your usual small talk and obligatory questions, but people seemed to genuinely be having a good time. I found myself smiling and nodding  in approval at the company culture until the “what do you do here” question hit the air. It’s a fair question and usually innocent, but the response one woman gave was “Oh, I’m just the janitor.” As if the janitor is some position that isn’t important to the overall organization. Which of course led me to judge the organization and it’s practices. How could an organization make any position feel less valuable than the next? Where does that even start? Does it start at orientation, or just at company events? Does it come from the mission of the organization or the lack of acknowledgement of support staff?

Does it matter? I think it matters. I’ve heard plenty of professionals in our industry say “Oh, I’m just HR” or “I’m just a recruiter.” If you don’t respect/value your position no one else will either. Don’t “just” be something, you are more than that!!!

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Author: Kristina H. Minyard, SHRM-CP, PHR

My goal is to challenge the way we view, measure, and utilize HR and recruiting in a positive and encouraging way. I love working in HR and value the network of HR professionals that I also call friends. I'm always learning from my fellow HR pros and find comfort in their expertise. I'm an active member of my local SHRM chapter (NASHRM) and a total HR enthusiast! My HR related knowledge is a mix of recruiting, retaining, engaging and just plain helping people discover their passion. I'm a follower of Christ, Wife, Mom, Corporate Recruiter, Blogger, problem solver, runner, Sports FANATIC & Razorback surviving amongst the [crimson] tide! You can find me on twitter & Instagram: @HRecruit Snapchat: kminny32 Google+: https://plus.google.com/+KristinaMinyard LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/kristinahutto/ Thoughts here (and on all my social media channels) are mine and do not represent the thoughts/beliefs of my employer. Why would I name my blog HR Pockets? Read about it in my first post years ago!!

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