Annie from Detroit

make hr cry
My story is sad, hire me.

I recently gave a short presentation to our local SHRM chapter about all the fun I had at #SHRMleg this year and the amazing job that SHRM did with the speakers and concurrent sessions. I seriously learned some great stuff at the conference and I was pretty impressed with the speakers for the general sessions. As timing would have it, right before we left for the conference SHRM shared an announcement that the USDOL Secretary would do our closing general session. This announcement was not far behind President Obama’s announcement of making a point to change the exempt/non-exempt standards, so of course HR was hopeful that we would get some insight from DOL Secretary Perez on this issue, (because that was kind of the spin SHRM put on the announcement).  So at the end of the presentation for our NASHRM group when I took questions a handful of them were actually directed at Secretary Perez’s remarks and my previous blog post on Annie from Detroit. My opinion was made somewhat obvious in that blog post that I can’t bleed for every story that comes my way in HR. I can do my best to take care of my people and I can do my best to find the best talent for my organization, but I cannot hire based on someones sad story of long-term unemployment. This is not my opinion it’s actually a real lesson I learned early on in my staffing days-everyone has a story and we are not hiring “a story.” All that to say that I found out today who Annie from Detroit is. I obviously don’t know her life, but she sure doesn’t seem like she’s been unemployed anytime since, well-since I’ve been alive. Here (video below) Perez mentions Andra Rush and I only recognize that Andra is “Annie from Detroit” because he mentions some of the same key points, she manufactures a console for a truck and she’s the sole supplier for that particular part. She didn’t seem like a poor soul in this story like she did the first time I heard him mention her.

To be clear I’m not saying shame on Annie from Detroit for anything. I think it’s great that she has a business in (and has had since 1984) and she wants to employ people and all the other things she wants. I’m saying shame on you Thomas Perez for misrepresenting her story. I’m saying shame on you Thomas Perez for telling less than half of her story and acting like her long-term unemployment struggle was recent. Shame on you for twisting facts to make an impact on people to sway them to think the way you want. Oh wait, just kidding…this is politics. politicians lie

I know, I know-To be fair we all tell a story or two and leave out a detail or embellish in a way to get our point across. The point isn’t to shame Perez, even though he should be ashamed. The point is to challenge you to be involved. Get involved with HR advocacy. Get face to face with the truth and be a part of the solutions for your industry. If you don’t get involved with HR advocacy someone else is going to tell HR’s story for you, and they may not get it right and who is to blame then?



Author: Kristina H. Minyard, SHRM-CP, PHR

My goal is to challenge the way we view, measure, and utilize HR and recruiting in a positive and encouraging way. I love working in HR and value the network of HR professionals that I also call friends. I'm always learning from my fellow HR pros and find comfort in their expertise. I'm an active member of my local SHRM chapter (NASHRM) and a total HR enthusiast! My HR related knowledge is a mix of recruiting, retaining, engaging and just plain helping people discover their passion. I'm a follower of Christ, Wife, Mom, Corporate Recruiter, Blogger, problem solver, runner, Sports FANATIC & Razorback surviving amongst the [crimson] tide! You can find me on twitter & Instagram: @HRecruit Snapchat: kminny32 Google+: LinkedIn: Thoughts here (and on all my social media channels) are mine and do not represent the thoughts/beliefs of my employer. Why would I name my blog HR Pockets? Read about it in my first post years ago!!

One thought on “Annie from Detroit”

  1. Kristina, thanks for calling this out.  We have to stand for truth in a world that seems to recognize less and less of it.  Without truth, there is bondage.  Period.  Great piece.

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