This post is not like my normal snarky, ill-humored, HR related post. This post is very personal. This post will break your heart and it will challenge you.

On June 22nd of this year a dear friend of mine, Jessica McGuire her husband Nic and their two beautiful girls Cadence (6) and Brinley (2) were in a terrible car accident. The car accident took the lives of all of them except Cadence. Cadence was injured, but thankfully that child is a fighter. She quickly realized she was the only one talking and as people rushed to the scene they were able to help and save sweet Cadence. Through this tragedy Cadence has been an example of strength to all of us. At the funeral she wanted to make sure that we all knew she loved her mommy, daddy and baby sister. She is in the loving care of Jessica’s parents and she has a very loving extended family surrounding her during this time. Her birthday is July 23rd, so close to the tragedy this child has endured. I want to challenge everyone, every single person we can get these posts in front of, to send Cadence a birthday card. As she faces her first birthday without her family lets shower this child with love. I promise no amount of love we show this child will be too much. She loves to check the mail and I know she will be so excited when she sees so much mail for her! She has been receiving sad cards in the mail from people expressing their condolences to her and while that is incredibly appropriate let’s send her happy cards! Cards that will put a smile on her face! Share this challenge everywhere! Email, Twitter, FB, News stations, Pinterest, Instagram wherever… use hash tag #HappyBirthdayCadence I’m including the link to the family obit for reference. And a picture of the challenge for easy share. I will also post the challenge in text format. I’ve spoken with the family and they are so thrilled that so many people are willing to do this for Cadence. Please know your assistance in this is so very appreciated.



The Challenge:

This month is Cadence’s birthday month. On July 23rd she will be 7 years old. Every birthday will be hard for her, but this will be the first without her mommy and daddy. She also lost her sweet baby sister Brinley who was only 2. I want to challenge you to do something simple. Send sweet Cadence a birthday card this month. If you have kids let your kids make her a birthday card. Just imagine how wonderful she would feel to get hundreds of birthday cards from us? No amount of love we show this child will be too much! Please join me in sending Cadence a birthday card this month. They can be mailed to Cadence McGuire 577 East County Road 122 Gosnell AR 72315. The obit for her parents are online at Cobb Funeral Home. Please share this on your own page and at work, church, with your neighbors, EVERYONE. I challenge you to spread the word and lets show Cadence how much she is loved! #HappyBirthdayCadence



This is sweet Cadence!
This is sweet Cadence!


Author: Kristina H. Minyard, SHRM-CP, PHR

My goal is to challenge the way we view, measure, and utilize HR and recruiting in a positive and encouraging way. I love working in HR and value the network of HR professionals that I also call friends. I'm always learning from my fellow HR pros and find comfort in their expertise. I'm an active member of my local SHRM chapter (NASHRM) and a total HR enthusiast! My HR related knowledge is a mix of recruiting, retaining, engaging and just plain helping people discover their passion. I'm a follower of Christ, Wife, Mom, Corporate Recruiter, Blogger, problem solver, runner, Sports FANATIC & Razorback surviving amongst the [crimson] tide! You can find me on twitter & Instagram: @HRecruit Snapchat: kminny32 Google+: https://plus.google.com/+KristinaMinyard LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/kristinahutto/ Thoughts here (and on all my social media channels) are mine and do not represent the thoughts/beliefs of my employer. Why would I name my blog HR Pockets? Read about it in my first post years ago!!

113 thoughts on “#HappyBirthdayCadence”

  1. Happy Birthday Cadence..your a blessing from God…Hope you have a very exciting bday with lots of fun gifts!!

  2. I’m from the Blytheville area and some of my family loved in Gosnell for years . This is close to home for me . Sweet Cadence shares her birthday with my daughters dad ( now deceased ) , my niece and my great nephew . I pray everyone reading this will send this precious child a special birthday card . God bless this family now and always .

  3. Dear Cadence, Have a great birthday! Here is a birthday game you can play all year, over and over: Do something nice for somebody, but don’t tell anyone. That way, it is your secret forever! Another thing: Riddles and jokes are a great way to have fun! Here’s one from me. “What goes up the chimney down, but can’t go down the chimney up?” Answer: An umbrella!

    1. What a great message you sent, Marcia! Your advice to do something nice for somebody, but not tell anyone, would be lovely for everyone to do! And, telling Cadence it would be “her secret forever” is enchanting. Thank you!

  4. Cadence, Growing a year older is SO fun for a while, lol but one day you might think, “oh another year.” I know birthdays can be hard. but please remember that YOUR birthday will keep you feeling close to your family! I bet your mommy loves you SOOO much! I can promise you that the day you were born was the bestestest day of her life! You were her first born baby girl! I know because I just got my very first born baby girl! There is nothing like it! I look into her eyes and I can’t believe how much I lover her and how fast she is growing! I bet every birthday you have your mommy and daddy are thinking the same thing about you!! Happy, Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy, Happy, Birthday Miss Cadence!! I’m going to sing you the Happy Birthday song that me and my family sing to each other every Birthday. “Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Cadence! Happy Birthday to you! And many more….on Channel 4, and Scooby Doo on Channel 2, and the big fat lady on Channel 80, and Frankenstein on Channel 9!!! Have lots and lots of fun on your special day Candence!! Love, The5Mac’s from New Mexico.

  6. Happy Birthday Cadence. May God bless you and keep you always in His tender, loving care. I hope that your day is blessed with happiness and joy; and as God adds life to your years, may He add years to your life. Happy Birthday! Sweet girl.

  7. I love in Gosnell and I unfortunately passed by on the interstate on that tragic day. This is hitting so close to home and my prayers are non stop for this sweet angel and her whole family. Happy early Birthday sweet Cadence! You are an inspiration to everyone! Just know that your Mommy, Daddy and sister are looking down on you and love you so much! My daughter and I will be sending you Birthday cards soon! I wish we could do more for you and if something happens for us, we will. Enjoy your day and know that you have A LOT of people that love you!

  8. Happy Birthday, Cadence! I am your Aunt Carolyn’s step daughter. Hope your enjoy your upcoming birthday. Seven is a big number. Have a fun day! Blow out ALL the candles!!! HAPPY DAY!
    Cheryl (Ballou) Blasdel

  9. Dear Miss Candence,
    You are So Special. We have never met but I just know you are so intelligent, sincere, empathetic, giving, creative, funny and oh so beautiful. Know that you have been blessed with everything you need in life to succeed and find happiness. Do not waiver from your own path you are a special gift to this world and everyone you touch will be a better person from knowing you. Above all else, do not let anyone make you feel anything other than amazing. It is clear that you have special purpose in this world, there is something so special about you sweet girl.
    Keep a smile on your pretty face.We are all so proud of you!
    Happy Birthday Sugar ❤
    I hope your day is special and your life is filled with joy!
    Much Love From The Scoggin Family in Idaho

  10. If you are on facebook please join the Cards for Cadence group. We would love to see your photos of birthday cards you are sending her or if you’d like to upload a Happy Birthday video for her to see! I’m truly touched by how many people are willing to participate in such a special project for such a special girl!

  11. Happy Birthday Cadence. Your mom, dad and little sister will always be looking over you on your birthday no matter where you’re at. Hope you have a good sweetie.

  12. I am so excited about all of the feedback for Cards for Cadence! She is going to be so excited to receive all of the cards!

    If you are touched by Cadence’s story, and/or you are unable to attend local fundraisers, but still want to help, you can! Check out Cadence’s page on GoFundMe. You can make a donation there!

  13. Happy Sweet 7th Birthday Candence!!! And Many more! All the way from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. Do you know that one of my neighbours is Santa Clause. Yes I live way up there in his town!!

  14. Happy Birthday Cadence. Your family is looking down on you and wanting happiness for you. Be strong and live the life you were meant for. Sending strength your way. It is never easy to lose anyone you love. But, you are here for a purpose. Know that and live a wonderful, happy life filled with joy.

  15. Happy Birthday, Cadence! I hope you have a totally awesome day, filled with fun and happiness and all good things!!! Much love and hugs to you!

  16. Happy Birthday Sweet Candice. Your family is looking over you and always will. You may not see them, but close your eyes and you will feel them. I pray for you that you have a wonderful joyous birthday and you have everyone that loves you around. All your family and all your friends. May God Bless you and keep you safe and happy. Love and hugs.

  17. Happy birthday Cadence!! I hope you have a special day filled with fun and memories!! Love April From Brackenridge PA

  18. Happy Birthday to YOU!
    Happy Birthday to YOU!
    Happy Birthday, dear Cadence…
    Happy 7th Birthday to youuuuuu!

    Wishing you a very happy birthday.

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